IBM Legacy

IBM Legacy Systems Services

We offer dedicated and experienced teams in the development and maintenance of IBM Legacy Systems: IBMi (AS/400) and IBMz Systems.

Novacomp offers Outsourcing (on-site or remote) services with dedicated and highly trained teams, including a Project Manager who oversees and supervises the team and ensures project efficiency and completion.

Why Outsource your IBM Legacy Systems?

  • Reduced costs

  • Increased efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness

  • Allows for greater focus on your core business

  • Increased productivity

  • Access to Innovation and Best Practices

  • Dedicated and specialized teams, according to your IT requirements

Outsourcing can help control costs, streamline remaining internal IT systems and increase both productivity and service levels.

  • IBMiAS/400

    We offer core banking development and maintenance services for local and regional banks, for different credit and asset modules, which financial institutions require to meet their government objectives, goals and regulations.

    Support for your IBMi (AS/400) applied to the following:

    • Bank superintendence regulatory systems.
    • Local and international transfers.
    • Regulations associated with credit card products.
    • Online Banking.
    • Adjustments to Credit Modules.
    • Adjustments to Asset Modules.

    Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    A software design where services are provided to the other components by application components, through a communication protocol over a network. SOA allows users to combine a large number of facilities from existing services to form applications. SOA encompasses a set of design principles that structure system development and provide means for integrating components into a coherent and decentralized system. This helps to minimize errors, and centralizes operations and maintenance, it allows for reusability and scalability.

    RPG- Free

    A free-form language that improves productivity. Developers are finally no longer bound by the fixed columns of traditional RPG calculations and can enter RPG logic in a natural left-to-right fashion. This allows for versatility, agility and faster coding.


    SQL statements that are inserted in an RPG program, to access Data Bases, making data collection faster and easier.

  • IBMzSystems

    We carry out developments (including new functionalities) and adjustments to our client's credit systems, depending on the needs of the organization's financial environment.

    Virtual Storage Access Method

    A file management method mainly used in mainframes. Accelerates access to data files using a reverse index of documents attached to the files. This index is called a B + tree. It allows users to configure data in a variety of presentations and with diverse search parameters.

    Cobol CICS (Customer Information Control System)

    A transactional manager, or teleprocessing monitor, that runs primarily on IBM mainframes with OS / 390, z / OS or VSE operating systems. It is used to process both online and batch transactions. On large IBM zSeries computers, a CICS system can service thousands of transactions per second. Powerful programming language, for handling high levels of data processing.

    JCL (Job Control Language)

    A type of scripting language used on IBM mainframe operating systems to instruct the system on how to run a batch job or start a subsystem. performing tasks in a controlled or automated way, offering a high degree of flexibility and independence regarding the physical location of programs involved.

Types of Outsourcing

  • Tactical

    A simple contract where the fundamental reason is the reduction of costs.

  • A stable contract with the client, where strategic functions are delegated.


  • In-House

    Services carried out on-site (in the client's offices).

  • Services carried out remotely (in Novacomp’s offices).



  • BAC

    18 years - IBMi

  • Scotiabank

    11 years - IBMi

  • Banco Lafise

    15 years - IBMi

  • Banco Popular

    7 years - S390

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We apply best practices to all verification and validation processes as part of quality assurance, through the lifecycle of all software products.

QA encompasses the entire software development life cycle. It is a process which ensures that all software engineering processes, methods, activities and work items are monitored, verified, and audited to comply with defined standards. Novacomp is certified in ISO 9001:2015.

Quality Assurance Automation means:

  • Reduced costs

  • Excellent User Experience

  • Productivity & Efficiency

  • Prevention of future errors

  • Prevention of future emergencies

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Functional Testing Automation(web, mobile and desktop applications)

    Software products grow, in size and complexity over time. With each iteration and functional increase of your software products, the scope and testing effort can grow, triggering costs and making the initial base of human manual testing insufficient.

    With our test automation solutions, you can:

    • Avoid the excessive growth of your equipment.
    • Avoid sacrificing the scope or coverage of testing and therefore quality levels.
    • Maintain the pace of progress in your project and the balance between cost and quality.
    • Increase the productivity of your testing equipment.
    • Activate and delegate repetitive tasks such as regression testing, to our automation solutions, and allow your manual testing team to concentrate on other types of testing, with more added value for the product.
  • Performance Testing(load and stress)

    Software quality should not only include the functional dimension, but also attributes of non-functional quality such as: usability, functional suitability, performance efficiency, security, compatibility, reliability and portability, which are defined by ISO/IEC (ISO 25010) norms that stipulate these non-functional attributes.

    With our solutions for Performance Testing, you can:

    • Anticipate and mitigate risks of performance degradation of your applications.
    • Plan the required future improvements, according to the future growth of concurrent access, load or stress on your system.

    A team of dedicated professionals with ample experience in systems simulation, for performance tests can provide:

    • Modeling to simulate the behavior of individual users (Performance digital twin).
    • Design and implement load and stress injection simulation solutions for performance measurement.
    • Test Execution and monitoring.
    • Analysis of test results and recommendations according to our experience with multiple and diverse clients.
  • WebServices Testing Automation(SOAP and REST)

    The cost of repairing software defects grows over time. That is, the sooner a bug is detected and contained, the lower the risk, cost and future impact. This added to the fact that the use of services and micro-service architectures has increased, making it very important and of great value to incorporate testing at the service or API level, prior to the execution of automated testing at UI level.

    With our testing solutions for Web Services, you can:

    • Detect and contain defects or bugs, even before running functional integration tests and at the UI level.
    • Get quick feedback about the services or APIs used and consumed by your applications, ensuring the quality of the components and services, before performing your integrated tests, system tests or UAT.
  • Test Automation for Artificial Intelligence

    With the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, and disruptive technologies, organizations have begun to implement and integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in their processes. These types of technologies pose new challenges, paradigms, processes, techniques and tools in the software testing and quality assurance field. The probabilistic and non-deterministic nature of these types of solutions implies the application of new techniques to ensure quality levels.

    Our consultants have the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure the quality of your AI solutions, through the application of techniques such as:

    • Model testing
    • Internal and external validity
    • Metamorphic Testing
    • A / B Testing
    • Feature Engineering and Testing
    • Testing on Artificial Intelligence at unit, integration, system and user acceptance levels
    • Generation of testing metrics to measure predictive accuracy of the model, testing coverage
    • Analysis and design of acceptance criteria for AI solutions

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