AS400 Dashboard Online Balances?

AS400 Dashboard Online Balances?


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The initiative was undertaken to build dashboards for online balance inquiries for accounting accounts registered in the system. The purpose of this is to be able to obtain the current accounting balance at any given moment to determine cash flow metrics as well as establish cash flow trends.


The project surmounted several industry-standard challenges, including:?

  • Online Accounting Balance Information Retrieval: The IBS System (Integrated Banking System) does not have a visual graphical environment that allows for reporting with trend graphs and bar graphs for the proportionality represented by cash flows throughout the day.?
  • Manual Accounting Report Generation: Manually, the accounting department had to create the necessary charts to establish the report, resulting in the information never being in real-time.?

Innovative Solution

The solution was designed around a solid architecture that implements communication with the AS400 and a report using Reporting Services. This allows for the generation of dashboards with information obtained from SQL views in DB2 through an ODBC connection between Reporting Services and the AS400.?

Tech Stack

Reporting Services 2019: Reports generated with this tool allow for the creation of aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly dashboards, enabling the creation of various types of charts such as trend, circular, bar, among many others used in dashboard design.?

Transact SQL DB2: The robustness of a database engine is utilized to implement an architecture of views, functions, and procedures for calculating and retrieving balances for the accounting accounts registered in the system.?

Key Performance Indicators

  • Updated Information: Real-time, up-to-date information is obtained, providing a real and online overview of the company’s financial statements. ?
  • Modern Charts: Modern reports are generated with visually attractive charts for the end user, enabling managerial-level presentations with the information. ?
  • Time to Obtain Information: Information generation is done in real-time, so the report is obtained and generated at the exact moment it is needed, eliminating waiting times. ?
  • Automatic Reports: Reports are generated automatically, managing accounting information with a large volume of data, eliminating manual processes by accountants to create trend charts and balance projections.?


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