4 ways Costa Rica is a Top IT Staffing Destination

Costa Rica IT Staffing Destination Costa Rica IT Staffing Destination

If you’ve ever googled Costa Rica, you’ve likely seen a list of beachfront getaways, nature adventures, and “Pura Vida” bracelets. And while Costa Rica’s tourist destinations are something to write home about (seriously, check them out), the country has more to be proud of than its A+ hospitality.

In the IT world, Costa Rica is known as the Tech Epicenter, or “Silicon Valley” of Latin America.

With over 800 tech companies in San José alone (including several Fortune 100 companies), the nation continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technological innovation, all while prioritizing sustainability and quality of life.

If you’re considering working with a Costa Rican based company, here’s four reasons why you’re on to something GOOD.

1. The Costa Rican workforce is highly skilled and tech-focused

At almost 98%, Costa Rica has one of the highest literacy rates in Latin America. They also rank #2 in Latin America in English Proficiency, according to the EF English Proficiency Index.

And this is no surprise considering Costa Ricans are required to learn English throughout their education, with several public and private institutions offering English-as-a-second-language (ESL) programs.

When it comes to digital literacy more specifically, since the rise of remote learning, there has been a standardization of skills across the globe, meaning Costa Ricans have the same access to highly technical training as people in other countries. And they take advantage of it – Costa Rica is home to over 22,000 highly skilled developers.

“People see Costa Rica as a tourist destination, but they don’t realize how immersed in IT we are. Costa Ricans are just as competent and skilled as engineers in Silicon Valley. We find that customers are surprised by the level of technical expertise we’re able to connect them with.” -Alejandro Fernández, Business Development Director, Novacomp IT Nearshoring.

Costa Rica is also home to 60 universities, several of which are ranked among the best in Latin America and offer majors in an array of technology disciplines, including Tecnologico de Costa Rica (TEC), one of the most prominent tech universities in San José.

2. There’s a big push toward sustainability

In 2019, Costa Rica was awarded United Nations Environment Programme’s Champions of the Earth Award for their continued commitment to environmental stewardship, including more than 98% renewable energy, more than 53% forest cover resulting from dedicated reforestation, and 25% of the nation’s land turned into parks and reserves.

In addition, Costa Rica proudly practices eco-tourism, a dedicated approach to tourism intended to support conservation and wildlife efforts.

3. People are genuinely happy

Costa Rica’s sustainability mindset never comes at the expense of its people. In fact, sustainability and quality of life tend to go hand in hand.

An article by The Guardian, “Showing the way in San José – how Costa Rica gets it right” highlights the nations involvement in the Wellbeing Economies Alliance, which “seeks to ensure that public policy advances citizens’ wellbeing in the broadest sense, by promoting democracy, sustainability, and inclusive growth.”

Costa Rica ranks #1 in a measure of environmental impact and the health and happiness of citizens, according to the second Happy Planet Index.

You may already have a sense of what is making Costa Rican’s so darn happy. But there’s more. Costa Rica has:

All of this is to say... happy people make good (and highly likable) employees. In fact, research shows that happy employees are more productive and tend to stay in their jobs four times longer than unhappy employees.

For an employer, working with happy staff means you can count on good customer service, and positive, long lasting relationships.

4. Peace is a priority

In 2020, Costa Rica ranked #1 in Latin America on the Global Peace Index. When you consider the nation’s dedication to peace over the years, it’s not surprising.

In 1948 the Costa Rican government abolished its military to be able to shift priority to health and education. They have since also become home to the United Nations University of Peace, a forward-thinking educational institution dedicated to building peace around the world.

What’s this have to do with my business?

As the demands of digital transformation continue to rise, more and more companies are choosing to augment their teams with outsourced IT. And while outsourcing can be an amazing solution for businesses that need flexibility in their staffing, where you choose to outsource can make a big difference. (Read more on this in our infographic).

Choosing to outsource in a stable, progressive country like Costa Rica can open the doors to highly-skilled, dependable, and happy employees who are more likely to stick with you. (And it’s not a bad spot for a business trip either!?)

Looking for a staff augmentation partner in Latin America?

Proudly based in Costa Rica, we can build you a high-quality IT team in just 3-6 weeks. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Pura Vida!

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