Business Development Director - North America

Alejandro Fernández Alejandro Fernández

T: (506)8396-1214 E: lfernandez@crnova.com

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My life’s work has always been focused on people. As I started my career with a BA in Advertising and an MA in Group Psychology, I quickly developed an interest in human development and began to see technology as a driver for progress. I have since worked in the IT Services and Software industry for over 24 years, now focusing on the single goal of helping my worldwide customers accelerate their digital transformation by using Latin American talent. My background in psychology, and experience as a certified professional coach, have provided me with a unique understanding of the human potential and group management, allowing me to form strong, productive relationships with colleagues, customers, and partners.

I’m passionate about developing digital transformation journeys for my clients, always learning and growing from their feedback. In my spare time, I love to practice and teach CrossFit, spend time with my two daughters, and explore my passion for film and filmmaking.

Personal Motto: The key to success? Wake up asking “what can I give?” instead of “what can I get?”

Delivery Services Director - North America

Arturo Delgado González Arturo Delgado González

T: (506)8494-8988 E: adelgadog@crnova.com

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I have always had a passion and drive for finance and IT. Since completing my MBA in Finance from San Francisco State University in 2001, I’ve committed to a life of learning. Since completing my MBA, I’ve completed certifications in subjects such as Software Project Management, Business Intelligence, and Digital Transformation. In the field, I’ve worked for over two decades in Financial IT Services and another seven years in IT Outsourcing. To continue my growth in the field, I work part-time teaching a Business Analytics Project Management course with a focus on Agile, modern data analysis, and data visualization tools. While currently based in beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica, I spent 15 years in the US (and a few months in France and Japan!). In addition to English and Spanish, I am proficient in Japanese, French, and Portuguese.

Throughout all my experiences as a student, teacher, traveler, and professional, it’s always been my greatest joy to build high-performing teams. I pride myself on my multicultural background and ability to manage successful teams from anywhere in the world. When I’m not working, you’ll find me riding my bike, hiking, swimming, or spending time outdoors with my wife and two daughters.

Personal Motto: With passion, we drive change.

Tools for Transformation

At Novacomp, digital transformation is our thing. Backed by ISO certification, we provide concrete tools and processes to help your business thrive. Our team, equipped with the latest tech, is fluent in software analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance. All with the delivery methodologies that get the job done right: scrum and agile. We’ve been at this long enough (over two decades now) to know the best solutions are never one-size-fits-all. This is why we always take a consultative approach, choosing the platforms, methods, and people best suited for your unique needs. So while our software engineers and agile teams are busy bringing innovative solutions to your business, you can take a deep breath knowing it’s all good.

Pura Vida Partnerships

Here in Costa Rica, the Tech Epicenter of Latin America, we live a “Pura Vida” way of life. That means putting joy at the center of all we do, perfectly blending a light-hearted optimism with a dedicated focus on helping your business run smoothly. First, we recruit the best talent in Latin America. Then, we carefully pair them with positions best aligned with their unique capabilities, fostering a sense of purpose that drives high-quality work, dependability, and well, happiness. Our talent pool extends over the entire hemisphere, allowing you the flexibility of diverse labor laws, payment methods, and cost per employee. We build your team in just 3-6 weeks based on your unique budget and project goals. We see it like this: we take care of our team, our team takes care of you, we transform our future, together.

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