Employee Spotlight: Luis Felipe Cubero Vargas

Employee Spotlight Employee Spotlight

How working for Novacomp allows for creative problem solving and taking on big challenges

What do you love about working in your industry?

What I enjoy the most about working in a fintech company are the challenges that I face in my day to day, which involve constant learning and research to solve emerging problems. In addition, the flexibility and opportunity to explore alternative solutions to problems.

At Novacomp, you are exposed to some amazing people with many different backgrounds who come from many different countries, making it not only an amazing career opportunity but a personal one as well. It’s amazing the things you learn from your coworkers and the non-stop of different conversations you get to be involved in.

What is it like to work for Novacomp?

It is an experience of great learning and of confluence with highly knowledgeable people who care about the growth and learning process. It’s a company that is always evolving and subject to change very frequently, so there is always something new to learn or some interesting problem to solve. You will not be tangled in monotony.

What is something you find unique about Novacomp?

I think what I find unique is the great confidence that they give to their employees to solve problems and the freedom to approach them in different ways. You can explore new technologies or come up with alternative solutions, the only concern is resolving the problems you are given. That kind of freedom is unique to this company—it’s about being you.

How would you describe your day to day at Novacomp?

In my case, the day to day changes constantly, I do not always have the same things to do. There is always something new which is something I value a lot since it allows me to have a broader apprenticeship.

Fast Facts About Luis

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