Novacomp opens 200 IT jobs for the first half of 2022

Novacomp Vacant Positions Novacomp Vacant Positions

March 1, 2021. Novacomp, a Costa Rican company dedicated to software development and Staff Augmentation opened more than 200 vacant positions in the first half of the year. The objective is to fulfill the various commitments with clients for its operations in Latin America and the United States. We are mainly looking for staff located in Costa Rica, but positions are open for any country in Latin America.

All positions are specialized profiles in IT: from traditional software development positions in technologies such as .Net, Oracle, Java, and mobile Apps; to more specialized options with profiles of Ruby on Rails, Python, R, Data Scientists, Blockchain and Smart Contracts Developers, Full Stack, SalesForce Developers, PEGA Developers, staff specialized in Agile such as Scrum Masters and Product Owners, DevOps specialists, Software Architects, among others.

For 2022, Novacomp sees a growth goal of around 40% concerning 2021 revenues, which implies a growth of just over 250 additional consultants at the end of the year.

“We continue to see in our clients an important need to advance in digital transformation processes, to accelerate automation projects, implementation of new technologies and in general to be able to digitize all their processes. The technology sector has taken on a special role in the last two years, and as a sector, it has a great opportunity to continue growing steadily, due to the accelerated rate of digitization and virtualization of companies and society. There are services with great potential, mainly oriented to electronic commerce, data management (Big Data and data science), cloud services continue to have significant growth, as well as Process Automation (RPA), Cybersecurity, and modernization of Legacy systems that have become obsolete”, explained Harold Alfaro, Executive Director of Novacomp.

Novacomp currently has a workforce of more than 600 people located in 17 countries (Costa Rica, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Chile, New Zealand, and Venezuela). Since the beginning of 2020, the company has been under the 100% virtual model and will continue to do so as long as market conditions and its customers allow.

“We are a highly diverse organization with professionals from different generations, nationalities, and cultures, allowing us to open our doors to the best talent. In addition, we have a culture of excellence in service that is highly recognized in the market. Novacomp is an excellent place to work, we have had sustained double-digit growth, confirming that the company is committed to the stability and development of its employees, in an environment of respect, environmental and social responsibility, and, above all, in a culture focused on in the human being”, affirmed Esteban Solís, Corporate Director of Human Resources.

Novacomp Vacant Positions

Novacomp continues to grow strongly in the North American market

This 2022 marks Novacomp's second year of operations in the US market. Although the start was a bit difficult due to the pandemic, in 2021 the business unit found a great opening of clients under the Nearshoring modality.

“The pandemic changed the landscape of remote work and North American clients already know that, with proper project governance and the use of Agile project management tools, such as Jira, Azure DevOps, ClubHouse, etc., they can take the pulse of their projects in real-time and verify the performance of their teams”, analyzed Arturo Delgado, Delivery Director of the Novacomp USA Unit.

Currently, the Novacomp USA unit has more than 80 open positions for bilingual staff, including .Net Full Stack, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, DevOps (AWS), QA, Manual Testers, Cloud Engineers, Salesforce, and Blockchain Developers. The market also requests Full Stack Engineers with a focus on ReactJS and Angular in Microservices architectures.

To apply, you need experience in the technologies and languages mentioned, as well as having English B2+ or higher. "For me, the main requirement is to have the motivation to work with North American clients, in an agile environment, with a modern tech stack, and with a hunger to learn and adapt to new organizational cultures", said Delgado.

The Novacomp USA Unit works with high technology sectors (InsurTech, HealthTech, Fintech, PropTech, and Regtech), diversifying service coverage to more market areas.

How to apply for vacancies?

If you want to apply for vacancies to work with clients in Latin America, you can visit the website: www.crnova.com/empleos or send your resume to recruit@crnova.com.

If you have a high English level (B2+ or higher), you can apply for Novacomp USA vacancies at: www.crnova.com/en-us/careers or by sending your resume to: jobs@crnova.com.

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About Us

Novacomp is a Costa Rican company founded in 1997. It currently has a regional presence in Costa Rica (Delivery Center & HQ), Panama, Guatemala, Chile, and the United States. It focuses on information technology services: Nearshoring, IT Outsourcing, Staff Augmentation, Software Factory, Quality Assurance & Testing, among others.

Novacomp's mission is to transform the world with passion and technological innovation through values such as excellence, passion, innovation, integrity, and social responsibility. Our value proposition is based on being digital leaders in the development of software solutions, transforming organizations through knowledge and innovation.

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