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To make the difference in nearshore services,
Novacomp partenered with New Data

  • Dedicated and highly expert teams in data science

  • Costa Rica is near to USA, that meaning we have the same time zone (CST)

  • Availability of skilled experts in IT on-demand

  • Professionals with high bilingual capabilities (english and spanish)

  • This high level crew of experts cost less than similars teams based in USA

  • Python
  • Julia
  • TensorFlow
  • SAS
  • SQL
  • Apache Spark
  • Scala
  • R

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FAQ’s about
Nearshore System

What’s Nearshoring

What’s Nearshoring?

Nearshore outsourcing is a common practice actually, where businesses hire IT services from companies in nearby countries. For example, our nearshore based in Costa Rica.

Why nearshore your IT and data science hub is your best option

Why nearshore your IT and data science hub is your best option?

  • Skilled and dedicated teams in IT and data science.
  • High experts IT avaible on-demand.
  • Full bilingual professionals (english and spanish).
  • Costa Rica have the same time zone (CST).
  • Lower cost than similars teams based in USA.
  • Costa Rica are more affinity to North American manners.
  • Proven prior experience in nearshore outsourcing.
Costa Rica have Same Timezone

Costa Rica have Same Timezone

Costa Rica is Central Standard Time (CST)

Novacomp’s new partner

Novacomp’s new partner

Data Science analytics consultant leader since 2017

What’s Novacomp’s Role

What’s Novacomp’s Role

Offers different IT products and services like development, testing, design and maintenance software and other functions.

Novacomp is a recognized company in the región as a Nearshoring and Agile Software Development leader. We are the guide of companies in the Digital Transformation process.

Why Costa Rica is your best choice

Why Costa Rica is your best choice?

  • Most competitive tax incentives in Central America
  • The most political stability enviroment in Latinamerica
  • Long-term house of high tech companies and others trasnationals firms
  • Pioneer country in technical education
  • Bilingual workforce (english and spanish)
  • Healthcare, Financial and Telecommunications industries are growing in the tech área

Data Science Profile

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