What is BOT?

Build Operate Transfer

The BOT scheme refers to a contractual relationship in which a company hires a third-party IT service provider, to both build and operate a project. After a set time frame, they legally transfer the subsidiary and all control over the project back to the client.

The process is divided in three phases:

Build Phase In this phase, a profound analysis is executed with the objective of identifying project requirements, including business targets, technical requests, and company culture. Once established, the third-party IT service provider will set up recruitment processes, equipment, and technologies needed to execute.

Operate Phase In this phase, the third-party IT service provider manages all day-to-day project-related operations, aligned with project needs and goals and offering continuous progress updates.

Transfer Phase And finally, in this phase, the operation is ready to be legally transferred, in its entirety, as a foreign subsidiary.

At Novacomp we are equipped with the tools, infrastructure, technologies, expertise and talent to deliver and optimize IT projects that can be transferred to the organization seamlessly.

Unleash the power of BOT

  • Maximizes cost efficiency

  • Allows for innovation and expertise

  • Enables both sides to focus on their strengths

  • Allows for full control of intellectual property and proprietary technologies

  • Grants flexibility to leverage business team according to market changes

  • Greater control over operations

  • Offers a high level of alignment between outsourced team and corporate culture


Are you looking to establish a long-term IT and software development team?

Novacomp can get your company on the true digital journey to achieve significant change quickly and at scale. Digital Transformation is becoming an imperative in every industry and a BOT business model is suited for output focused companies.

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