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Business Process Outsourcing

What is BPO?

It is a business practice in which one organization hires a third-party service provider to execute a business process.

By outsourcing the non-core process of the operation, a BPO provider becomes an extension of the client’s company, offering greater accuracy, efficiency, and speed. This enables the client’s company to focus on their core business and adequately allocate their resources.

Most organizations who look for BPO providers, do so for Back-Office and Front-Office purposes.

Novacomp harnesses innovative solutions, working with the latest technologies, - continuously pushing the boundaries of technology to improve our client’s Business Processes.

Unleash the power of BPO

  • Business processes at a lower cost

  • Agility and more flexibility to changing market dynamics

  • Greater focus on the core business or mission

  • Quicker access to innovation

Use Cases

Back-office includes:

  • Finance & Accounting (F&A)

  • Human Resources (HR)

  • Customer Service

  • IT Support

Although more and more, companies are looking to outsource strategic tasks such as data mining, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, etc. – all key elements for organizations on the path to a Digital Transformation.


Business is continually evolving, as a result of this disruptive and irritative new reality we are living. More so now, amidst a pandemic.

Keeping up with tedious and time-consuming business processes can become nearly impossible on its own.

This is where Novacomp can become your greatest ally.

We help organizations transform into business enablers. We offer customized solutions to fit your needs. We have a data and performance driven culture that brings expertise to the table.

Our 22+ years in the market is proof of the quality of our services.

Become one of our BPO Success Cases!Become One of Our Success Cases

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