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Modern Data Estate

A data estate is the infrastructure to help an organization systematically manage all of their corporate data. A data estate can be developed on-premises, in the cloud or a combination of both (hybrid).

Organizations can store, manage and leverage their analytics data, business applications, social data, customer relationship systems, functional business and departmental data, internet of things (IoT) and more.

Having a contemporary data estate is even more vital to an organization that is experiencing an exponential growth rate of the amount of raw data coming in – something all organizations are experiencing at this moment.


Novacomp’s agile teams work with organizations to not only identify a life cycle curve but to implement mature technologies that allow them to build out their progressive data estate – and organizations will thrive according to the maturity of their data infrastructure. We help building a foundation for your Digital Transformation strategies, accelerating your ability to innovate and add value.

Unleash the benefits

  • Access diverse data sources and consolidate data

  • Manage data such as storage, indexing, cataloging, processing, sourcing

  • Manage data such as investigation, location, analytics and metadata

  • Enable batch analysis of large-scale historical data sets

  • Provide faster, easier access to data

  • Reveal new opportunities for growth and innovation

A Modern Data Estate offers enhanced security and compliance, significant cost savings, and the ability to empower employees with business insights and advanced analytics capabilities.

Use Cases for a Scalable
Modern Data Estate?


Greater insights
into data


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In the quest to achieve market leadership, financial services industry (FSI) firms continue to focus on becoming holistically digital, customer-facing enterprises. Because Digital Transformation, rather than solving the technology issue, seeks to answer how technologies will allow FSI firms to go from managing products and services, to creating new and better customer experiences for their clients. Use this resource to learn why and how financial institutions must prepare for a world where customers seek competitive digital solutions- and how you can get your organization onboard to a Digital Transformation route.

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