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productivity and

Data Science and Analytics

A new culture of work is emerging

The modern workplace, also known as a business strategy, is designed to boost overall employee agility and engagement through a more immerse work environment. However, the modern workplace means far more than just modern tools for the staff. True modernization is having a fully collaborative workplace that's integrated with technology in order to boost productivity.

Novacomp’s Modern Workplace solutions help transform organizations into digitally connected hubs, empowering employees and elevating a collaborative culture at work.

Unleash the benefits

  • Access to chat, email, files on any device at any time at any location

  • Business
    apps, both in the cloud and on-premises, usable in one software platform

  • Built-in
    identity security through Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Corporate and personal devices with seamless connectivity and user experiences

  • Latest
    compliance and security tools for constant latest protection against breaches

Novacomp helps organizations conduct a diagnosis of their current situation and needs, provide expert advice and design a detailed blueprint to help organizations modernize their Workplace for the future.

Novacomp’s Workplace
solutions improve


Enable people to work more effectively in teams


Improve processes to save your organization time and money


Encourage seamless knowledge sharing

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In the quest to achieve market leadership, financial services industry (FSI) firms continue to focus on becoming holistically digital, customer-facing enterprises. Because Digital Transformation, rather than solving the technology issue, seeks to answer how technologies will allow FSI firms to go from managing products and services, to creating new and better customer experiences for their clients. Use this resource to learn why and how financial institutions must prepare for a world where customers seek competitive digital solutions- and how you can get your organization onboard to a Digital Transformation route.

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