RPA is an application of technology, a software intended to automate business processes. These can range from very simple to extremely complex processes.

This software, also known as "robots", operates and connects with a company's systems and applications to modernize processes and decrease the workload performed by human resources.

RPA solutions are designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and help a business expand by delegating manual and repetitive tasks to robots.

RPA can automate workflow tasks, evaluate intricate processes, invoice processing, data entry, payroll, sales orders, and information regarding staff, such as onboarding and employment terminations.

The Evolution of RPA

More and more CIO’s are turning to RPA to eliminate tedious tasks. This allows employees to focus on value-added tasks, leaving the operation and tedious tasks to the robots.

However, RPA must be executed properly. That means deploying a strategy that includes design, planning and governance.

At Novacomp, our team is equipped with the latest technologies to create customized solutions, according to the task needed.

Unleash the power of RPA

  • Greater fit for legacy systems

  • Process improvements

  • Frees up resources to higher-value functions

  • Enhanced internal processes and

  • Greater productivity and scalability

  • Better quality service

  • Simpler and cheaper than AI

  • Improved data to use for insights and analysis

Use Cases

RPA can be implemented in a wide variety of ways and for diverse departments

  • Invoice Processing

  • Customer Service

  • Payroll

  • Service Orders

  • Human Resources / Recruitment

  • Extract Data in different formats

By automating basic tasks, employees can focus on high-return tasks. Companies can also boost their automation efforts by injecting RPA with disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, and machine learning, among others.

At Novacomp, we can direct you on the path to a structured and efficient RPA project, so you can focus on building a stronger business. These services are being considered more and more, due to the rapidly growing business pressure and challenging digital transformation agendas that most organizations are currently experiencing and developing.

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