Clutch Names Novacomp as the 2021 Top B2B Company in Costa Rica

Clutch Names Novacomp as the 2021 Top B2B Company in Costa Rica

All kinds of digital industries have grown up in the last two decades. All of them are interconnected and make the entire experience further than what everyone expected. Unfortunately, this makes the whole picture more intimidating to the average business than it really is.

It’s for this reason that Novacomp began. Our team has been the guiding hand that allowed companies to navigate this changing world and give them the best chance to succeed. Now we’ve just been given a chance to help even more people as we’ve been named as a the top B2B company in Costa Rica for the year 2021.

Clutch is an online independent reviews platform that’s based in Washington DC. They are a B2B research agency that uses a unique verification process that to determine the legitimacy of all the information sent to them.

The submissions that successfully made it through the process get published on the platform. These reviews are great tools that allow to spread word of mouth for those lucky enough to have partners that are kind enough to take the time to write them.

Clutch Review

It is at this point that we’d like to acknowledge all of our clients and partners who’ve helped us claim this award in their own way. If it wasn’t for their initiative in writing their reviews about our work, we would never be recognized like this. This sentiment is reflected in our management staff who had this to say about this important milestone for our team.

“At Novacomp we're proud of this recognition. We are encouraged to keep providing staff augmentation services to our customers and keep motivated our consultants. We are thankful to our clients, that believe in innovation and work together with us to build a real digital transformation. 2021 has been a year with exponential growth and a lot of positive achievements for Novacomp, our employees, and the companies that we impact with our talent. Novacomp is the place to be!” - Luz Marina Torres, Global Marketing and Communications Director.

This award is the fuel and motivation we need to ensure that we’re on the right track. Learn more about our services and take your business to the next level by contacting us today.

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