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The pandemic has shown us that many of the municipal services that we are used to do (such as applying for a patent) could be digitized and done through a website or, why not, with just a couple of movements through our cell phone!

Can you imagine the residents of your community can renew or apply for a municipal license or a liquor license, request an exemption or register a business with a mobile application? Or better yet: Do you thought how useful it would be for them to have an application that allows to see what days the garbage truck passes through their community and even show them the route in real time? Even that they may have the possibility to pay their municipal taxes through Sinpe Móvil!

Thinking about innovation and with the aim of being your guide in the Digital Transformation of your own municipality, Novacomp launched its Super App service in 2021: a mobile application software designed for the municipalities that acquire the service.

The Municipal Super App consists of three mobile applications:

which seek to centralize the main municipal functions in accessible and friendly apps for both the end user and municipal officials.

“The Super App is the new way of looking at applications and doing business in the digital world, with the ability to host a large number of services that together solve a great problem for citizens and municipal administration. This type of application is key in the Digital Transformation in local governments, since through this tool different applications or computer systems can be integrated such as means of payment, patent inquiries, municipal collections, information of interest to citizens and communications from the municipality for its citizens, among others”, said Marcos Mora, Business Development Manager of Novacomp and person in charge of the Super App project.

Let's know more about each application:

Municipal App

Municipal App

In this mobile application the user will be able to have all the contact information of the city hall such as: social networks, telephones and location.

“With this application you can make patent and tax payments from your cell phone, track the garbage truck to know when it will pass by your house and have important information about the municipality in the app. For the city hall it will be the most practical, simple and efficient channel to communicate with the citizens”, said Mora.

How can you administrate the information on the app?

The information received from the mobile application will be controlled from a website.


Geoaseo App

Is a tech tool that optimizes the work of cleaning companies in tasks such as: routes, collection, sweeping and vehicle monitoring, among other functions that occur in the cleaning process in the cities and municipalities of the country. This mobile application works together with the Colombian company Sigma Ingeniería, who have several success stories using GEOASEO in different municipalities in Colombia.

“Sigma has signed a mutual cooperation agreement with Novacomp to integrate its value propositions with the environmental, together Novacomp's software development systems, forming an ideal integration of municipal solutions. GEOASEO is one of the solutions that Sigma has at its disposal and also has years of experience collaborating with different municipalities on the continent”, explained the Novacomp’s project representative.

Case Study: GEOASEO Colombia



NovaMP App

NOVAMP is a transactional solution designed for processing and connectivity to the National Electronic Payment System. With this product, your city will be able to operate and comply with all regulatory aspects for the integration of the system that is requested by SINPE.

In the simple words of Marcos Mora: "It is a practical means of making online payments from your cell phone, avoiding going to the main building for such procedures."

NovaMP App

With this Super App, Novacomp aims to be the company that facilitates mobile management for municipalities, both for the management of means of payment and for the environmental part through the intelligent garbage collection service at the national and regional level.

"This service is available not only to city halls in Costa Rica, but also throughout Central America through the regional presence of Novacomp and our team of developers and technical application professionals," added the person in charge of developing the Super App strategy.

Your city is ready to take the leap towards digital modernization. Centralize in an agile and simple way the functions of your city council while offering effective and fast solutions to your neighbors. For more information about this service, you can click here.

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