Novacomp’s alliance with newData will increase the availability and quality of data science technical resources

Novacomp’s alliance with newData

This synergistic alliance will help data-driven businesses lower costs, increase revenue and mitigate risks by providing fully vetted, dedicated and satisfaction-guaranteed data science resources

Globally, technical resources are in short supply. To remain competitive, US cities cannot rely exclusively on local talent and must tap into alternative sources like outsourcing to make up some shortfalls in the labor market. An attractive outsourcing option is nearshoring, which outsources candidates from countries in close proximity to United States.

Why nearshoring? Matin says:

“It should be recognized that there is a gap between an unsatiated demand for resources to manage and harness data and the availability of talent to satisfy it. While nearshoring is a convenient source of talent for US-based businesses, it is the availability and quality of the technical resources that is critical.”

Novacomp is a nearshoring company with bench strength in technical recruiting. Their alliance with newData rounds this expertise by focusing on a core segment within the broader IT universe. Matin continues,

“Data science is no longer just a competitive differentiator, it is now a matter of survival for many businesses across sectors. For example, hospitals that have relied exclusively on traditional approaches to managing operations (e.g., scheduling medical staff, rooms and equipment without data science) may be incurring avoidable costs. In the financial sector, banks that have not integrated artificial intelligence (e.g., with fraud reduction algorithms) have a higher cost burden, suffer from reputational damage, and risk the loss of consumer trust. No industry is immune. Data science can help lower healthcare costs and prevent insolvencies. Finding the right data science resources, including staff, is critical.”

Novacomp has more than 22 years’ experience in the identification, selection and retention of IT professionals. According to Juan Carlos Sanabria, President and Owner of Novacomp,

“One of the keys to this success was our ability adapt to changing technologies. Our alliance with newData provides a recent example. While we have deep expertise in IT technical recruiting, we identified a need to better align with an emerging subsegment. Our alliance with newData accomplished this goal. The combined expertise in recruitment and data science enables us to provide high caliber data science talent. The benefits to our clients include strategy development, improved decision-making, consumer and market insights, risk mitigation, marketing effectiveness, digital optimization and a variety of operational efficiencies. The ongoing pandemic has only accelerated the democratization of data.”

Asked about the value proposition of this alliance to the market, Matin added,

"Novacomp has the best talent acquisition consultants in Central America. After 22 years, the company has a proven track record in the technical industry. We are proud of this alliance.”

About Novacomp

Novacomp is a Costa Rican company founded in 1997 that offers specialized information technology services, including software analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance, testing, and IT staffing.

In recent years, Novacomp has experienced exponential growth by offering innovative solutions to its clients’ digital transformation challenges. Technological and strategic alliances, both national and international, reinforce the company's commitment to continuous growth and providing state-of-the-art products and services.

The company has a presence in Costa Rica (HQs), Chile, Guatemala, Panama and the United States. For more information, visit: https://www.crnova.com/en/about-us

About newData

Founded in 2017, newData is a Nashville-based analytics consultancy that makes data science solutions accessible to small and medium businesses. Using our talented pool of data scientists, superior technology, partnerships and a proven integration process, newData provides personalized solutions, competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee.

The data science solutions fall into four areas of specialization:

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