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With expertise and knowledge of the latest trends, we design and develop mobile applications for Android and iOS, among other specialized technology services.


At Novacomp we believe in a world where mobile phones are no longer simply an ordinary communication device. The importance and relevance that these devices have acquired in our daily life and activities is undeniable and it is certainly an on-going digital transformation process. Mobile applications now make many things possible, that were previously unimaginable.

The current population of mobile device customers stands at more than one billion worldwide and this is why we think that every business owner needs a mobile app for their company.

We are determined to become an ally, for companies that wish and need to implement mobile solutions, by providing an innovative and collaborative experience – from the conceptualization, to the design and creation of these applications, for industries such as: Financial Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Government, among others.

We have more than 10 years of experience under our belt, in the development of this vision, accompanying our clients in the creation of more than 30 mobile applications with diverse technologies, including: native applications for IOS and Android using: Objective-C, Swift and Android Studio, hybrid applications using: IONIC, Cordova, HTML5, JS, React Native and Xamarin, all of them integrating with innovative elements such as biometrics for authentication through facial recognition and augmented reality, that allows visualizing virtual elements integrated in the environment.

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We are fully committed to meeting the objectives we set for ourselves, so we do not take the process of building a mobile application lightly. For this it is important to execute a development methodology that determines how your application will fit within your organization successfully. This is why we carry out a readiness workshop and guides to build your application together.

This process includes: establishing objectives, understanding needs and requirements, and determining the scope. Once that is all set, we being conceptualizing the App. Our experienced engineers will have usability and user experience as their top goals -, allowing you to have an App that meets your expectations at the operational level, but also has an innovative and intuitive design.


Once the follow-up process for the conceptualization of the mobile application is finished, the client can be sure that its implementation will include the following benefits:



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