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International Women's Day

Our life is full of stories, of struggles with ourselves to overcome challenges and demolish myths that have made us stronger. That is why, at Novacomp, we recognize the effort that each of our colleagues has made throughout their personal and professional lives to get where they are.

As a tribute and a way to recognize their great work, we close Women's Month by sharing several stories of the women’s who move Novacomp:

On March 8th, International Women's Day, Novacomp participated in the special dedicated to this commemorative, date in the newspaper La República, emphasizing our commitment to reducing the gender gap in the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths).

Also, in this same special we recognized the trajectory of Cintia Carmona, Senior Software Consultant with 12 years at Novacomp and more than 20 years in the STEM world.

“I am a witness that the company has tried to hire much more female resources than several years ago, thanks to the opportunity. Today we have women in administrative, technical, resource training areas, highly trained, as well as having created job profiles in such a way that the candidate who fits can participate and grow, regardless of whether he is a man or a woman; have taken into account the issue of inclusiveness in its broad sense", said Carmona, who also belongs to different groups of the College of Informatics and Computing Professionals (CPIC), including one that encourages the participation of young women in the world of computing

Cintia Carmona

"I hope my story serves to remind you that 15 years ago the presence of women in this type of career was not so noticeable and, even so, today, we represent a minority percentage and that job opportunities are there, we just have to go by them. I have to encourage us to promote this type of STEM careers from below: in raising our girls at home, strengthen self-esteem; in the formation of young people, from school, to guide and develop the different vocations so that they "believe" it, that we are capable of achieving all our dreams as a child, yes... with a lot of effort and dedication", she concluded.

Review here the story of Cintia Carmona and the work that Novacomp has done to increase the percentage of female staff:
Novacomp hires the best talents regardless of gender

Also, during March we shared with all our collaborators 7 stories of some women who work at Novacomp, to get to know them beyond the keyboard and the screen.

Some of them are athletes (soccer players y athletics lovers); adventurous (they love to do local tourism), others like Cintia seek to bring more women to the world of STEM through hackathons.

Some colleagues love art and through dance seek to give support to children and young people at social risk. The stories do not distinguish age: we spoke with one of our youngest collaborators whom Novacomp allowed starting her professional career and we even shared the anecdote of Marisela Contreras, who in addition to working with us, is the proud grandmother of 3.

Get to know each story of our colleagues on the audio blogs!

Episode 1: Mildred Ramírez


Episode 2: Esmeralda Álvarez


Episode 3: Marcelle Jonhson


Episode 4: Kimberly Granados


Episode 5: Marisela Contreras


Episode 6: Daniela Barrantes


Episode 7: Melany Solórzano


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