Clinical Trial Solution Case Study

Clinical Trial Solution Case Study

The Challenge:

  • The client was struggling with finding the engineers who have both had the required technical knowledge and ability to work directly with the institutions and companies and translate their needs into platform customizations.
  • The company was struggling with giving support to the growing number of institutions (universities, hospitals, pharma companies etc.) that use the solution in their daily activities.

The Engagement:

  • Novacomp created a nearshore LATAM based team of 5+ support engineers who take care of the customizations and enhancement. .NET and C# on the Back-end, React on the Front.
  • The team get trained in the platform architecture and business logic behind it. Now they can work directly with N-users from different a region, Product managers and engineers from US and Europe.

The Benefit:

    • Now all the customizations and required enhancements are delivered in timely manner.
    • Client`s core engineering team can focus on more strategical task.
    • The entire team works in the same Time Zone.

    Key Technologies:




    Data Feeds / Integrations:

    Web Services


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