Enterprise Identity Provider

Enterprise Identity Provider

The Challenge:

Centralized Enterprise Identity Provider.

  • Client recommendations in regards of the benefits of an Identity Provider (Idp).
  • Diagnostic and evaluation across vendors (AWS Cognito, KeyCloak, IdentityServer, Auth0, Okta).
  • Services modernization to achieve better scalability.
  • Complete adoption of AWS Cognito as the main data identity provider.

The Engagement:

Manageability and Usability.

  • NovaComp provided a developer with experience .NET Core, Angular and AWS Services.
  • Full assessment performed to understand the current identity provider setup.
  • Cost optimization due to growing number of users.
  • Full platform integration provided to current applications.

The Benefit:

    Access and optimal use of implemented identity provider on the public cloud.

    • The client went from a distributed (one account per application) authentication to a centralized model (one account per user).
    • Allows future implementation of single sign-on.
    • Major security improvements on authentication services.
    • Support and guidance for all AWS Cognito setup.
    • The client improved user experience, merging multiple accounts into a single one.
    • Server and services performance improvements.

    Key Technologies:

    .NET Core

    AWS Cognito


    Data Feeds / Integrations:

    AWS Cognito

    SQL Server

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