NovaToken: Multi-factor Authentication

NovaToken: Multi-factor Authentication

The Challenge:

Implementation of a multi-factor (NovaToken) methods of authentication.

  • THE CLIENT needs to improve the security of its electronic channels, in order to avoid fraud and identity theft issues.
  • The client needs to implement different security and authentication methods, which will be requested when entering or generating a transaction in their electronic channels.
  • The NovaToken product implements different authentication methods such as the generation of cellular tokens, sending tokens through SMS or tokens by email.

The Engagement:

Get to know and review the functionalities of the different electronic channels.

  • Review the electronic channels and identify the flows in which the user will be asked for the security factor or authentication.
  • Ensure that after the implementation of the product NovaToken, the workflows are working as expected.

The Benefit:

    Guide the financial institution during the assurance of the different electronic channels.

    • The NOVACOMP team implements its products based on the use of international security and development standards, providing the client with a guide to improve internal processes.
    • Vast quality assurance process that will let the client know that the tests executed were properly designed to cover all the scenarios.
    • Implementation of 2FA for the client´s applications.
    • Secure application build under a 100% native development framework.
    • Self Enrollment implementation.

    Key Technologies:

    .net CORE




    Json Web Token


    API Rest




    Data Feeds / Integrations:


    Digital Signature


    Core Banking

    Real Time Transactions

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