Payment Systems

Payment Systems

The Challenge:

Integrate the financial institution with SINPE using the NovaMP payment center.

  • THE CLIENT needs to connect to the national payment system in Costa Rica (SINPE).
  • SINPE is a payment processor (ACH) that allows financial entities to send and receive deferred or real-time transactions.
  • The NovaMP product is the payment hub that allows transactions between the financial entity and SINPE, allowing the financial entity to provide its clients with the ability to send and receive money transfers to any other financial entity associated with SINPE.
  • The client needs support to define their internal business processes and support in the interconnectivity of different systems such as their core banking and internet banking.

The Engagement:

Lack of knowledge regarding the functionality of SINPE and what services they can provide to their clients.

  • Support in the creation and definition of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for its clients.
  • Technical support for the definition of the APIs to connect to NovaMP with the different internal systems of the entity, for example: core banking and internet banking.
  • Train business and technology areas on the processes that SINPE offers for the different services.

The Benefit:

    Support the financial institution with the knowledge of SINPE and technical support.

    • The NOVACOMP team has consultants who have a great knowledge of integration with payment systems.
    • This support and consulting is provided to customers as part of the implementation service.
    • The NovaMP tool is built under high security standards and with optimized flows to manage the movement of funds that must be reflected in systems such as core banking. It also has an API layer so that the different channels can be integrated.

    Key Technologies:

    .net CORE




    Json Web Token


    API Rest




    Data Feeds / Integrations:


    Digital Signature


    Core Banking

    Real Time Transactions

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