QA Outsourcing

QA Outsourcing

The Challenge:

Lack of QA Standards are causing re-work and lost time to market.

  • The client had one individual with over 12 years at the bank executing test cases for over 70 apps. Thus, testing cases were skipped causing issues during the production deployments.
  • No testing documentation occurred at any stage of the process.
  • The Bank was underutilizing existing license such as TFS tool for defect tracking.
  • Client was averse to changes and was hesitant to receive help from any consulting firm.

The Engagement:

Lack of QA standards and best practices.

  • Novacomp provided 3 Manual Testers and a Test Manager. The team grew to 11 people and currently
  • Novacomp has 8 people for the last 5years.
    Novacomp runs tests on everything developed within the bank and on any other code developed by other vendors. Thus, Novacomp is the quality gatekeeper for the bank.
  • QA services are offered to the Bank´s satellite offices located in Costa Rica, Panama, Miami.
  • Novacomp also provides full QA services to the Bank´s headquarters in Colombia.

The Benefit:

    Novacomp provided a QA Team knowledgeable in Test Suites.

    • Novacomp has engaged with the client for over 5 years continuously.
    • Novacomp provided consultancy to build standards and processes following ISTQB standards.
    • Optimization of several tools for defect tracking using TFS´s (Azure DevOps) built-in standards.
    • Novacomp supports the Bank´s CI/CD/CE processes.
    • High reusability and maintainability, of manual and automated test cases via increased documentation, system pre-conditions, expected input and outputs, step by step sequence, etc.

    Key Technologies:



    TFS and Appium
    for Mobile



    Postman and SoapUI
    (Rest and SOAP API Testing)

    Data Feeds / Integrations:

    API Services

    SQL and Oracle Server

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