Reconciliations, Liquidations and ChargeBacks

Reconciliations, Liquidations and ChargeBacks

The Challenge:

  • Develop a solution denominated: ¨Reconciliations, Liquidations and Chargebacks¨ for a top Costa Rican Bank.
  • The solution had to be integrated with the Bank´s Transactional switchboard in order to manage the reconciliation, compensation and liquidation across multiple external entities (users and issuers).
  • Moreover, the solution required capacity to interact with internal apps and with the internal Transactional Exchange model.

The Engagement:

  • The main challenge of the engagement was to build a daily reconciliation process across transactions reported by users (credit/debit card-holders and participant businesses) and authorized transactions registered at the Bank.
  • Improve the control and follow-up on all claims and chargebacks.
  • Generate Cash Liquidation Reports and Commissions for card holders and issuers.
  • Achieve time reduction on new local and international conections due to its parametric design.
  • Generate relevant accounting information through a fully automated inteface.
  • Generate statistical information for the authorization quality monitoring services.

The Benefit:

    To achieve the challenge, the Novacomp team brought a Tech Lead and a Database Consultant executing the following tasks:

    • Define the solution designed to follow the Bank´s business logic across non-integrated transactional systems.
    • Requirements analysis and validation as well as Functional Specs review and implementation.
    • Developed ETL database processes for data consumption and migration.
    • Developed simulation processes to evaluate the results as well as Testing results validation across the Bank´s functional leaders.
    • Self Enrollment implementation.

    Key Technologies:


    Visual Studio

    SQL Server

    Data Feeds / Integrations:

    Legacy Bank Data Interfaces

    SQL Server

    Transactional Bank Switches

    Incoming Visa International Data Feeds

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