Robust Data Analytics Ecosystem

Robust Data Analytics Ecosystem

The Challenge:

Design a modern Data Analytics ecosystem that can offer near real-time, good-quality and insightful information to key stakeholders:

  • Our Fintech client required assistance to organize and extract information from Apache Fineract and application APIs, and ingestion into the DW through GitLab Runner or Snowflake tasks.
  • The data operation required a better orchestration of data transformation semantical layer, and SE’s best-practices adoption such as data documentation & lineage creation and environment-aware deployment.
  • The client had a need for data-quality mechanisms to ensure displayed data is correct and up-to-date. Also, the client required a fast, sharp and appealing dashboards for users to easily answer their questions.

The Engagement:

Created a solid data structure that can support decision making:

  • Novacomp provided a Team of Data Analytics Engineers with expertise on SQL, DataWarehousing, Dimensional Modeling, Data Governance and Visualization expertise.
  • Using Snowflake and DBT, the team focused on the organization of key information into appropriately-related tables and implementation of KPIs to measure and monitor business health.
  • Moreover, using Sigma´s Visualization Tools, the team created sharp and good-looking analysis that were able to answer the most common business questions.

The Benefit:

    Stakeholders unleashed the power of curated data to make the business grow:

    • Tools were built to display near real-time information to let management take action on-the-fly and maximize loan portfolio performance.
    • Increased trust in data accuracy & timeliness to foster a data-driven organizational culture.
    • Novacomp´s team provided a company-wide training program to allow teams to build ad-hoc analytics and improve existing models according to their particular requirements.
    • Through the implementation of Reverse ETL techniques, the team assisted business operations to consume DW information to drive marketing campaigns. generate accounting journal entries & partner reports.

    Key Technologies:


    Sigma Computing




    Data Feeds / Integrations:

    Apache Fineract

    Apache Pulsar


    Java APIs


    Amazon S3

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