We believe in executing with purpose and have adopted a service culture that has allowed us to positively impact our clients’ businesses, maximizing their efficiency, profitability and growth.

Our trajectory, experience and growth

Successful team Successful team

Value Proposition

Digital leaders in the development, maintenance and testing of software solutions, transforming organizations through knowledge and innovation.


We transform the world with passion and technological innovation, to make it a better place.


We are the place where we have fun working, to be happy.


  • Passion
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Solidarity

Executive Team


  • Novacomp Foundation

    Novacomp Foundation

  • BAC Credomatic

    We inNOVAte BAC Credomatic

  • Government Sector

    We entered the Government Sector

  • El Salvador’s Office

    El Salvador’s Office Opening

    ISO 9001:2000

    We achieved the quality certification ISO 9001:2000

    50 eployees

    We reached our first 50 Employees

  • Oracle Gold Partner

    We achieved the certification Oracle Gold Partner

    ITQS’s Birth

    ITQS’s Birth

  • Chile’s Office

    Chile’s Office Opening

    Microsoft Gold Partner

    We achieved the certification Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Panama’s Office

    Panama’s Office Opening

    100 employees

    We reached over 100 employees

  • IBM

    We Became Partners with IBM


    We inNOVAte INTEL

  • 150 employees

    We reached over 150 employees

    Top 10 leading Banks in Costa Rica

    We inNOVAte 5 of the Top 10 leading Banks in Costa Rica

  • Innovative’s Birth

    Innovative’s Birth

    NOVATesting’s Birth

    NOVATesting’s Birth

  • ISTQB Gold Partner

    We achieved the certification ISTQB Gold Partner

    ISO 9001:2008

    We achieved the quality certification ISO 9001:2008

  • ISTQB Platinum Partner

    We achieved the certification ISTQB Platinum Partner

    Guatemala’s Office Opening

    Guatemala’s Office Opening

  • ISO 9001:2015

    We achieved the quality certification ISO 9001:2015

    300 employees

    We reached over 300 employees

  • SAFe

    We achieved the certification Scaled Agile Bronze Partner - SAFe®

    Essential COSTA RICA

    We achieved the certification Country Brand - We are Essential Costa Rica


    Over 50% of our employees are SCRUM certified

  • Top 10 leading Banks

    We inNOVAte the Top 10 leading Banks in Costa Rica

    Top B2B Companies in Latam

    We achieved the certification Top B2B Companies in Latam

    375 employees

    We reached over 375 employees

  • 5 clients in USA

    Sign our first 5 clients in USA

    Huawei Adobe 5 AWS Pragma

    New alliances with HUAWEI, ADOBE, AWS, PRAGMA, Proyecto Fintecs

    We reached over 500 Employees

    We reached over 500 Employees

More than making history, we innovative it

Regional Presence

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EEUU (Florida)


El Salvador

Costa Rica



Our Client Portfolio is evidence of the quality of our services and our consultants. These are some of our Top Customers:

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In the quest to achieve market leadership, financial services industry (FSI) firms continue to focus on becoming holistically digital, customer-facing enterprises. Because Digital Transformation, rather than solving the technology issue, seeks to answer how technologies will allow FSI firms to go from managing products and services, to creating new and better customer experiences for their clients. Use this resource to learn why and how financial institutions must prepare for a world where customers seek competitive digital solutions- and how you can get your organization onboard to a Digital Transformation route.

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